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Am I just a crazy cat lady? Well yes but don't hold that against me!


I am Caroline, I've worked in Marketing (Senior Levels) for the last 15 years with 10 of them being in entertainment and venues. Setting up my own business has always been a dream of mine but finding the right idea takes time and of course funding!


So why cats? I am the proud mum to my furbaby Bolt. Having rescued him at twelve weeks old, he is a pivotal part of my life having just turned seven. He rules the roost and I wouldn't have it any other way! I think Cats can bring huge benefits to people’s lives and many of us know or understand little about them.


Was I always a cat fanatic? NOPE! But rescuing Bolt showed me what a brilliant best friend they make and now I'd never be without at least one in my life!

If Bolt would let me, I’d have more than one now but he is the ultimate in Spoilt Puss and would never forgive me!


I set up EverythingMeow Ltd in 2015 and we are currently crowdfunding to start the World of Cats.


We also operate a start up website with a goal of becoming the "go to" website for cat lovers.

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