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By The World of Cats, Jun 22 2016 02:24PM

Ever wanted to make your own cat world? Well, one woman is on a mission to make 'The World of Cats' a reality — we chat to cat lover Caroline Harvey about her new venture...

How did you come up with the idea for The World of Cats?

I was looking for days out to take my one-year-old baby boy and places like Monkey World, Bird World, Flamingo Land and Digger Land kept coming up! I was chatting to my husband and said "Why isn’t there a Cat Land/World? Someone should set it up!"

Tell us a bit more about your plans.

My concept is to combine cat themed entertainment — cat shops, ri........

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By The World of Cats, Apr 20 2016 02:08PM

Caroline Harvey from Dunstable, UK has announced a new crowd funding initiative through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.The campaign will support in creating a unique concept basedcat world as a tourist attraction. The first of its kind crowdfunding campaign has started with a goal to raise £100000 GBP in amonth.

Although having worked in the field of Marketing for almost 15 years in entertainment and venues. Caroline decided to dedicate this idea of a cat world after rescuing and adopting 12 week old cat named Bolt. As per Caroline her life has never been the same ever since she found her little furry bundle of joy. So she has decided to encourage more people to experience the joy of having a pet and how humans can become more compassionate towards this animal through awareness and entertainment.

This unique campaign is dedicated to every cat enthusiast in UK and all over the world. Started as an idea the Cat world has planned to have a surreal space of everything that is themed with cats such as paw print paths,cat café/restaurants,cat themed gift shops,cat product shop,cat themed play area for the children,cat themed rides,cat breed information centres,adoption and rescue centre,weddings, conferences,the cat train, cat shows, cat competitions etc.

The Campaign has flexible funding goals through whichbackers can donate any amount of contribution starting from as low as £1 GBP to £5000 GBP. With each contribution above £5 GBP there are perks associated for the backer such as on donating £20 the contributor gets an updates on the progress of the start-up and also a free visit to the Cat World on opening. Similarly the perks become bigger if the contribution is higher such as on contributing £5000 GBP the contributor gets to name one of the attractions buildings and become a permanent part of the lasting legacy.

Imaginative and creative as it may sound but it also has a very noble cause associated with this campaign. Through this people can spread awareness on cat rescue, adoption, breeds and how one can take care of their pets. The campaign needs as many backers as possible to fulfil the cause.

For more details and progress of the campaign and to contribute checkout

By The World of Cats, Apr 12 2016 12:06PM

If you love cats, here’s the perfect opportunity for you to get involved in what’s set to be one of the craziest yet most innovative projects the UK has seen in its entire moggy loving history. The World of Cats, the brain child of Bedfordshire based mum and cat lover Caroline Harvey, is planned to launch early in 2017 but needs the support of other pet lovers to make it happen – and there’s no better way than through the power of crowdfunding.

An increasingly popular alternative to traditional financing methods and loans, crowdfunding a great way for people to come together to fund exciting and innovative new projects and has helped launch everything from new businesses to musical careers. It allows people who are interested in investing to dip their toe into the finance world without having to make a huge initial outlay, and if it’s in an area they have a particular interest in it’s as fun as it is rewarding.

Self-confessed Crazy Cat Lady and entrepreneur Caroline is looking to support from fellow ailurophiles to make her dream of a cat themed tourist attraction become a reality. Caroline came up with the idea while searching for days out for her and her toddler- Digger Land, Monkey World, Flamingo World, Bird World and numerous zoos and theme parks are all popular tourist attractions, but nobody seemed to have thought of a full day out dedicated to cats- until now. Inspired by her own cat Bolt, a seven year old mischief maker who she rescued at just twelve weeks old, Caroline got to thinking about how great it would be to develop a place where cat lovers could come and relax, spending time with moggies and learning all about their history and behaviour.

Her ideas for The World of Cats Cat include the following features, but she’s open to ideas from anyone else who’s willing to donate time or money to make it happen:

• Cat meet and greet

• Pawprint path

• Cat café

• Gift shop

• Children’s play area

• Information/learning centre

• Cheshire Cat maze and train

• Cat hotel

• Crazy golf

• Museum of famous cats

• Cat themed arts and crafts

• Event space for cat rescue charities and adoption centres, product launches, weddings and conferences

Cat World is in the very early stages of planning but already has its own website and dedicated social media pages. The ultimate fundraising goal is £3,000,000, of which the first £100k will go towards market research, business planning and seeking advice from dedicated cat behaviourists and welfare experts to ensure that the attraction is as kind to its furry residents as it is fun for its visitors.

If you’d like to get involved, visit them online at or contact Caroline direct at

Cat World promises to be crazy, relaxing and entertaining- all the things we come to expect from our favourite feline friends. This is a great opportunity to get involved in something truly new and different, and whether you have one pound or several thousands to invest, Caroline and Bolt would love to hear from you!