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Our Plan

We are crowdfunding for the initial costs to get The World of Cats up and running!


What would it include? The ideas are endless! If you have any suggestions please e-mail us as we are still scoping the opening set up for the park.


Pawprint paths                  Cat Café/Restaurants               Cat themed gift shops               Cat product shop

Cat themed play area       Cat themed rides                      Cat Breed info centre                Adoption Centre

Rescue Centre                  The Story of the Cat                 Cats meet and greet                 Big Cats  

The Cat Train!                   Cat Shows                                Famous Cats                            Cat Education

Cheshire Cat Maze           Cat Crazy Golf                          Cat Crafts                                 Cat Hotel

Cat Event space – the latest new cat product launches, weddings, conferences


Would you visit?


If we are successful with the initial funding for the park then we have the following to do!


1) Research Research Research!

2) Create the business plan

3) Attract/Pitch investors/sponsors

4) Review licences and the legal stuff

5) Review health and welfare issues with Cat experts

5) Find the property and buy it/rent it – develop it

6) Create the marketing plan

7) Keep up the momentum and keep everyone updated!


Easy right?? We hope so but we are ready for the challenges anyway!






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